Pyongyang·Nampho·Mt. Myohyang


7 Nights 9 Days



Luxury North Korea Tour Package

Departure  June 13, 2019


9 Days North Korea Essence Tour


32 Persons

Qualification for Participation

Nationality: Canada, Australia, China, Japan, Iran, Philippines, Germany, France, South America, etc.

(Except Korean Citizen and The United States Citizen)

Departure Date

JUNE 13, 2019


USD $1980





√ Beijing-Pyongyang Round-Trip Airfare(including Tax)
√ North Korea Tourist Visa Fee
√ A special Meal at Okryu Restaurant(one of the best North Korean Restaurant)
√ All Meals
√ All Admission Fees for All of the Sightseeing Spots listed on the Itinerary
√ Deluxe Hotel(Double Occupancy+Breakfast): Single Charge $450(USD)
√ Charter Tour Bus
√ Tip for Guide and Bus-Drive

Not Included

√ Vancouver-Beijing Round-Trip Airfare (PR Tour offers the best flight deals to Beijing from City where you want to depart. Please contact us.)

√ China Tourist Visa Fee (PR Tour provides the Service for China Tourist Visa. Please Click here!)

Departure June 13, 2019  ITINERARY







Departure to Beijing from Vancouver or City where you want to depart

2 In-Flight Meals

Flight Time: 11h (From Vancouver)

D: In-Flight Meal




Arrival at Beijing Capital International Airport

Meeting a local Guide

Dinner: Peking Duck

Hotel: CCECC Plaza (or similar Class)

B: In-Flight Meal

L: In-Flight Meal

D: Local Restaurant




Breakfast: Hotel

798 Art District: To prepare for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Chinese Government moved the Factories in the Area to the Outskirts of Beijing. Artists gathered in the empty Factory Buildings and started to utilize the empty Area as Artists' creative and Exhibition Space. Currently, there are more than 400 Houses including Galleries, Ateliers, and Cafes on the 600,000㎡

Departure from Beijing Capital International Airport(JS152 13:05)

Lunch: In-Fright Meal

Flight Time: ca. 2h

Arrival at Pyongyang International Airport(JS152 16:00)

Meeting a Local Guide

Chollima Statue: The Chollima Statue shows the heroic mettle and indomitable spirit of the Korean people who made continued innovation and uninterrupted advance in the spirit of Chollima, a legendary horse running 400 km a day in the period of the postwar great upsurge of Chollima.

The Arch of Triumph: It is 10m taller than the Arc de Triomphe de I’Etoile.

Dinner: Local Restaurant

Hotel: Yanggakdo International Hotel(or similar Class)

B: Hotel

L: In-Flight Meal

D: Local Restaurant




Breakfast: Hotel

Departure to Nampho

The World-Scale West Sea Barrage: The Barrage’s length is 8km. Here we can appreciate the splendid scenery of the West Sea.

Return to Pyongyang

Lunch: A Local Restaurant in Pyongyang

Mangyongdae: It is the place where Present Kim IL Sung was born and spent his childhood.

Visit a School or Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace: It is a public facility where North Korean students can engage in extra-curricular activities. It is situated on Kwangbok Street, in the north of Mangyongdae District. Here, you appreciate a children’s performance.

Korean Art Gallery

Dinner: Pyongyang Hot Stone Pot Bibimbap

Hotel: Yanggakdo International Hotel(or similar Class)

B: Hotel

L: Local Restaurant

D: Local Restaurant



Pyongyang-Mt. Myohyang-Pyongyang(One-Way 2h 30m)

Breakfast: Hotel

Departure to Mt. Myohyang

International Friendship Exhibition: In displays over 200,000 gifts presented to President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il by heads of Parties, States, Public and Political Figures from various Countries.

Lunch: Local Restaurant

Pohyon Temple: It is one of the five famous Temples of Korea boasting of over 1000 years.

Manphok: It is the most beautiful Valley where varieties of falls, pools, and fantastic Rocks appear.

Return to Pyongyang

Kim Il Sung Square: Kim Il Sung Square is the principal Square of the Country where political events, mass demonstration and meetings, and parades have been held on official holidays and various occasions starting from the mass rally of Pyongyang citizens celebrating the victory in the Korean War on July 28, 1953.

Tower of Juche Idea: Tower of Juche Idea was built on the shore of River Taedong to symbolize the immortal Juche idea created by the President in April 1982. It is 170 m in height.

Visit and Experience Pyongyang Metro: Pyongyang Metro has two Lines. Mangyongdae Line was built in 1987 and Hyoksin Line in 1978. Depth: 100-150m. Temperature: 18℃

Dinner: Local Restaurant

Hotel: Yanggakdo International Hotel(or similar Class)

B: Hotel

L: Local Restaurant

D: Local Restaurant




Breakfast: Hotel

Departure to Kaesong(One-Way 2h 30m)

Panmunjom(De Facto Border between North andSouth Korea): Originally Panmunjom was a village between Kaesong and Seoul. The humble rural Village has been wild known after the Armistice Talks were held. The Meeting Hall where Armistice Talks were held and the Hall where the Armistice Agreement was signed are in it. Additionally, you see Military Demarcation Line and Panmungak Pavilion Stand.

King Wang Kon’s Mausoleum: It is the mausoleum of King Wang Kon(877-943) who founded Koryo(918-1392)

Koryo Museum: It was a Confucian education facility of the Koryo dynasty but now it became a museum displayed historical remains and relics showing the foundation and development of the Koryo dynasty.

Lunch: Kaesong Pansanggi(a Set of 13 Dishes for a Tabl: Lunch for Royal Family in Koryo Dynasty)

Return to Pyongyang

Mokdanbong: It is a Park providing panoramic Views of Pyongyang.

Dinner: Pyongyang Style Shabu-Shabu

Hotel: Yanggakdo International Hotel(or similar Class)

B: Hotel

L: Local Restaurant

D: Local Restaurant




Breakfast: Hotel

Pyongyang Science & Technology Complex: It is a science and technology centre housed in a large atom-shaped building

Visit Jangcheon Cooperative Farm: You can experience the Reality of Life in North Korea in Jangcheon Cooperative Farm(Houses, Shops, Kindergarten).

Lunch: Okryu Restaurant(Pyongyang Cold Noodles: It is one of the national dishes handed down from old times)

Pyongyang Embroidery Research Institute

Mirae Scientist Street: It is a street in a newly developed area in Pyongyang to house scientific institutions of the Kim Chaek University of Technology and their employees.

Dinner: Duck Bulgogi

Hotel: Yanggakdo International Hotel(or similar Class)

B: Hotel

L: Local Restaurant

D: Local Restaurant




Breakfast: Hotel

Departure to Beijing from Pyongyang(JS151 10:30 am)

Flight Time: 1h 40m

Arrival at Beijing Capital International Airport(JS151 11:30 am)

Lunch: A Local Restaurant

The Summer Place: It is a vast ensemble of Lakes, Gardens, and Palaces in Beijing. It was an Imperial Garden in the Qing Dynasty(1750). During the Second Opium War from 1856 to 1860, it was damaged. In 1886, it was restored on the original Foundation.

Wangfujing Street: Wangfujing(literally: Prince’s Mansion Well) Street is the busiest and brightest Shopping Street in Beijing.

Dinner: Shabu-Shabu

Hotel: CCECC Plaza (or similar Class)

B: Hotel

L: Local Restaurant

D: Local Restaurant



Beijing-Vancouver(or City where you want to visit)

Breakfast: Hotel

Tiananmen Square: Tiananmen is the Symbol of the People's Republic of China. Tiananmen is the main Gate of Beijing imperial Palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The Forbidden City: The Forbidden City with its Palace Complex of 9,999 Buildings across 74 Hectares, surrounded by a six-meter deep Moat and a ten-meter Wall.

Lunch: Korean Dishes

Departure from Beijing Capital International Airport to Vancouver

2 In-Flight Meals

Flight Time 10h 30m.

Arrival at YVR

B: Hotel

L: Local Restaurant

D: In-Flight Meal

♣ Schedules are subject to change depending on the local situation.