About Us

PR Tour Ltd. is based in Vancouver, Canada, particularly serving tourists for North Korea, China, and Canada.

Based on a wide variety of experience from operating “Beijing Wuzhou Xing International Travel Service Co. Ltd.,” our company has accumulated vast knowledge about locales and networked with travel companies in North Korea and China, which makes it possible for us to provide our valued clients with the best services possible.

Our company has an exclusive agreement for sales and marketing in Canada with Korea International Travel Company, which is the biggest government-run travel agency in North Korea; thus, we are able to develop the best tour packages and sell them in Canada.

Also, our company offers Chinese and Canadians the best medical exam services provided by Samsung Medical Centre and Asan Medical Centre, which are operated by Samsung and Hyundai Corporation respectively.

Our company values our clients’ safety most, doing our best to help them have pleasant and comfortable travel experiences.